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Voice Epilepsy Episode 15: Interview with Chuck Carmen, Executive Director of the Epilepsy Association and Founder of EpilepsyU and EpilepsyStore

May 7, 2021

Chuck Carmen joins us on the Voice Epilepsy™ podcast as host Kim Davidson, the CEO & Executive Director of the BC Epilepsy Society and the Founder of the I AM A VOICE for Epilepsy Awareness™ campaign, interviews Chuck Carmen, the Executive Director of the Epilepsy Association and the founder of EpilepsyU and the EpilepsyStore to discuss all of the amazing things that he has done for epilepsy.

Chuck Carmen has been the Executive Director of the Epilepsy Association since 1994 and only the second leader in the agency’s 59-year history. Selected by Southeast Association Magazine as one of the four most influential executives in the United States, he has served a board member of the Florida Society of Association Executives as well as the former Epilepsy Foundation of Florida and the Florida Epilepsy Services Providers Association.

Chuck is also the Founder of EpilepsyU.com, an online epilepsy news and education site that now reaches and average of 3.8 million people every month in over 150 countries. He also founded the Epilepsy Association’s social enterprise, EpilepsyStore.com, an online epilepsy awareness product store where 100% of the proceeds support the programs of Association.

Chuck’s long history in epilepsy has now made him the longest serving epilepsy executive director in the state of Florida. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the Epilepsy Association, his experience and knowledge has certified him as an “expert witness” where he has testified in numerous high profile cases involving epilepsy. Personally, he has conducted hundreds of presentations, seminars, and training programs on all aspects of epilepsy as well as becoming one of the nation’s leaders in the education and prevention of Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome.

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