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Voice Epilepsy Episode 14: University of Victoria Study Seeks BC Family Participation

May 3, 2021

In this episode of the Voice Epilepsy™ podcast, host Kim Davidson, is joined by Registered Psychologist and PhD level Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Dr. Sarah J. Macoun to discuss the Dino Island research intervention from the University of Victoria (UVic)

Dino Island is a cognitive intervention designed to improve attention and executive function abilities in children with neurodevelopmental concerns, special needs, and/or disabilities.

Dino Island combines tablet-base gaming with ‘interventionist’ training tailored to non- professionals (such as parents, teachers, support workers, etc.) by introducing evidence-based strategies for teaching problem-solving techniques to children.

This study is looking for participation from parents of children with neurodevelopmental issues and/or epilepsy.

For more information on this study, you can visit http://uvicdinoisland.cogtrain.ca/.

To sign up to take part in this study, please visit http://uvicdinoisland.cogtrain.ca/contact/.

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